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Apprenticeship Idaho FAQ’s
As Idaho’s need for skilled workers grows, more and more companies and workers are exploring apprenticeship programs. Apprenticeship Idaho is a statewide initiative led by Idaho’s Department of Labor that helps employers develop registered apprenticeship programs as part of their overall talent development strategy. The Program is a collaborative effort among state agencies, workforce training centers, and industry partners, including the Idaho Manufacturing Alliance and TechHelp. A subject matter expert can assist with the initial set-up of the apprenticeship program and the recruitment of candidates.

To learn more about TechHelp’s role in Apprenticeship Idaho or to see if an apprenticeship program would work for your company, contact one of our Specialists listed below or click the button to provide us with your contact information:

Learn how to build an apprenticeship program in your company or industry using the Apprenticeship Toolkit.  The Toolkit provides helpful steps and resources to start and register an apprenticeship program, from exploring the apprenticeship model as a workforce strategy to launching a new program. Whether you’re a business or labor organization, an industry association or another kind of workforce intermediary, a community college or the public workforce system, or a community-based or service organization, you can use the toolkit to Explore

  1. Explore apprenticeship as a strategy to meet your needs for skilled workers.
  2. Partner with key players in your region to develop an apprenticeship program.
  3. Build the core components of your apprenticeship program.
  4. Register your program.
  5. Launch your new Registered Apprenticeship program.
Apprenticeship Facts
  • Nationally, over 150,000 businesses have integrated the registered apprenticeship model.
  • 91% is the average retention for completion.
  • Idaho has nearly 1,000 registered apprentices today yet we have many more in trades-related training programs throughout the state.
  • Oregon and Washington have a combined 3,300 apprenticeship jobs.

Nationally, companies are adding apprenticeship as an integral component of their workforce development strategy. Large organizations like Siemens, Microsoft, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina along with small companies like Dr. Schneider Automotive Systems, Hypertherm, and Daetwyler Industries are finding an apprenticeship to be a real differentiator in succession planningrecruitment, and retention of a highly-skilled workforce. In Idaho, apprenticeship has been traditionally associated with the construction trades, but there are great opportunities to replicate the model in Advanced Manufacturing, Healthcare, and IT.


Apprenticeship Idaho is fully funded by a $1.4 million grant from the US Department of Labor.