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Dale Perkins (L) and Matt Perkins (R) used their experience as amputee athletes to design and build orthotics and prosthetics that work for high performing amputees of all ages and abilities.

New Products & Markets
Coyote Design – Boise, ID

Coyote Howls at The World

Father and son, Dale & Matt Perkins, are both amputee athletes. The pair founded Boise’s Coyote Design out of a need to invent, design, test, and manufacture components used in the fabrication of orthotics and prosthetics that would work in their athletic pursuits. As a young Olympian, Matt had found it difficult to locate equipment designed for youth and resorted to making his own. As Coyote grew, product inquiries from around the world showed that there might be a global market for Coyote’s products. In order to maximize the effectiveness of Coyote’s small team, Matt decided to participate in Export Excellence, Idaho’s ExporTech Program, to develop a proactive way to identify and enter profitable export markets.

The Project

Coyote’s ExporTech team consisted of Matt along with staff responsible for international orders and shipping.  Coyote was paired with an Idaho District Export Council Coach and an International Business Student from Boise State University. The Coyote team used the ExporTech process to research options and narrow the field to Germany, India & Taiwan. The team chose to focus first on Germany, a large market with a good healthcare program and some solid distributors.


  • Negotiated a distribution agreement and implemented a marketing strategy with a German company that offered complimentary products. 
  • European expansion sustained 15-year growth streak and 94% growth in sales volume since 2006.
  • Expansion to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, France, Japan, The Netherlands, and Spain created a network of distributors in 12 countries.
  • Coyote is bringing more development work in-house so it can deliver winning products to market faster.
  • Added in-house 3D printing capabilities that will be key to manufacturing prosthetics in the future.

“TechHelp helps us create high-functioning low-cost prosthetics for amputees everywhere using affordable low tech methods that allow us to serve people with limited funds in the U.S. and the world.”

– Matt Perkins, Alpha Dog, Coyote Design