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Dylan Rolleigh

Consumer Product Development Engineer – NPD Lab – Boise State COEN
Micron Engineering Building – Room 413
1020 S Manitou Ave, Boise ID 83725
Belmont & Manitou
Phone: 208-426-5635 


Dylan joined the TechHelp Team at the Boise State New Product Development Lab in May 2018. Dylan expects to earn his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2020.  Dylan recently worked at Shaw Mountain Technology, a tech startup developing a micropump powered by a magnetic shape memory material. SMT is exploring applications in “lab-on-a-chip” technology and controlled microfluidics for research and lab work. Dylan focused on R&D of the pump and establishing scalable manufacturing processes.

Dylan’s focus at SMT included:

  • Metallography, microstructure, and analysis of the magnetic shape memory (MSM) alloy Ni-Mn-Ga
  • Building and characterization of MSM drive micropump
  • Improvement of the manufacturing process by implementing MSM sample auto-polisher
  • Leading auto-polisher development through all stages from ideation to manufacturing integration
The NPD lab provides a vast opportunity to work with new ideas and clients in Idaho. Working with our clients, I face challenges every day that ensure I continue to develop my design and product engineering chops. I couldn’t be in a better spot during my ME undergraduate work.
Dylan Rolleigh
Consumer Product Development Engineer, NPD Lab, Boise State COEN



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