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Rural Business Development Subsidy Grant Program

About the Program 

At TechHelp, we’re committed to empowering rural businesses to thrive. Introducing our Rural Business Development Subsidy Grant — a 50% subsidy towards our projects and services.  Tailored for small rural businesses, this subsidy aims to fuel growth and create a positive economic impact.  Made possible by United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development Office funding, seize this opportunity today.

  • Subsidy Offer:  Receive a 50% subsidy towards the cost of TechHelp projects and services.
  • Intended Recipients:  Small and emerging businesses in rural areas.
  • Purpose:  Support, assistance, and training to foster growth and development.
  • Goal:  Create a positive economic impact on surrounding rural communities.
  • Funding Source:  TechHelp Grant provided by the United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development Office.
  • Here’s how to apply:  Contact our team or complete the program intake form below.

The Fine Print

To be eligible for our Project & Services Subsidy, your company must meet the following requirements:

  • Will not create more than 50 jobs with this subsidy funding
  • Projecting less than a million in gross revenue 
  • Being located in a rural area (most of Idaho qualifies)
  • Completing and signing the Small and Emerging Certificate Form
  • Agreeing to participate in a business impact survey conducted by National Institute of Standards and Technology 6 to 12 months post-funding

Unlock the potential of your rural business with TechHelp’s Rural Business Development Subsidy Grant today.

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